Paranoid Park (2007): Alex is Questioned by a Police Officer


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The clip Alex is questioned by a police officer from Paranoid Park (2007)

He says you almost went by the Eastside Skateboard Park
on the night of the seventeenth. Is that right?
OK, did you drive around out that night or...?
Did I what?
Did you drive around that night?
Um... yeah...
OK. Did you drive... by there that night?
The park itself.
Where did you go?
That night, I drove around downtown, and got something to eat,
parked down near the waterfront and then walked around.
OK. Were you skateboarding?
Yeah. Well, no. I had my skateboard but...
I'm not that good so I try to practice by myself.
OK. And... so you can give me times for these things,
right, I mean approximately?
Yeah. Um, I went to Jared's around seven or eight...
and then I dropped him off at the bus station shortly after that.
And then drove around...
Oh yeah, that's something I got confused about before 'cause...
I didn't go back to my house, I went back to Jared's 'cause...
Jared and I planned to stay at his house that night... originally.
OK, that's fine. So, where was his parents?
His mom was... in Las Vegas and... his dad doesn't live with them.
OK, so no brothers or sisters,
so the house was totally empty then, right?
Did your parents know this?
I mean that... nobody was home at Jared's?
Uh, it's not like they cared or anything.
OK... Uh well no, that's... that's fine,
I mean... it's probably that old trick where...
you tell your parents you're gonna spend the night at Jared's house and...
your parents don't realize that his parents aren't home and...
basically you get to do whatever you want.
Pretty much, I m... it's not like my mom cares.
No, that's fine, I used to do that. I mean that's an old one. No big deal.
What is your parental situation?
What do you mean?
Well, your parents. Are they... still together?
They've been separated for a while and they're...
gonna get a divorce soon.
Yeah, all right. Yeah, my parents got a divorce.
I mean... in fact I think I was about your age.
I know it's kind of a tough thing to... go through...
Uh... do you have any... brothers or sisters?
Yeah. I have a little brother, and he's thirteen.

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