Paranoid Park (2007): Driving to Event Part 2


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The clip Driving to event Part 2 from Paranoid Park (2007)

Alex, I know you're bummed and all.
But this trip to Corvalis, is gonna be like a sure thing for me.
Dude but that's weak, you'd ditch Paranoid for some girl.
Especially when she was denying you the whole summer.
Yeah but dude... I'm gonna get so laid this time.
And you should call Jennifer, I mean,
what are you waiting for with her? What do you want?
What I really wanted was to go skate
with the hardcore freaks at Paranoid Park.
All right, dude, you can crash at my place.
Play video games. Call Jennifer. Then we'll both get laid.
I didn't want someone to damage my mom's car,
so I parked on the other side of the river,
which was a safer bet.

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