Paranoid Park (2007): Macy Questions Alex Part 2


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The clip Macy questions Alex Part 2 from Paranoid Park (2007) with Gabe Nevins

Well, I think, everyone heard about you and Jennifer. So...
That didn't last very long.
Naw, it didn't.
So... why'd you break up with her?
Why was I even going out with her, you mean.
Yeah, that's what I mean, but, you must have liked her a little?
Well, I liked her a little last summer...
before she decided I was her boyfriend.
Well with all the stuff you're going through,
I guess something like that could be hard.
Whatever. What?
Macy... you know there's just... everybody's parents get divorced.
There's... other problems. Bigger problems.
Like what?
Like... people dying in Iraq... starving kids in Africa.
Since when do you care about starving children in Africa?
Well, you know what I mean, just... the little problems,
they're just all so stupid.
Not if it's happening to you.
Well... just all the stuff in general.
So... it seems like something did happen to you.
No, you know what I mean, Macy.
Not really. So, did something happen to you?
No... I just feel like there's like something,
outside of normal life.
Outside of... teachers, breakups, girlfriends...
Like, right out there.
Like, outside... there's like, different levels... of stuff.
And... there's something that happened to me.
I thought so.

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