Paranoid Park (2007): Alex is Questioned by a Police Officer Part 2


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The clip Alex is questioned by a police officer Part 2 from Paranoid Park (2007) with Daniel Liu, Gabe Nevins

OK, how 'bout a sister?
Uh... how 'bout a girlfriend?
Yeah... Jennifer.
Jennifer? And where was she that night?
My girlfriend?
Uh huh.
She was with... just some other friends.
OK. Did you happen to call her that night at any point?
I mean, do you have a cell phone?
No, I didn't call her and, I don't have a cell phone.
OK. Uh... well... Just goin' through my notes,
I'll tell you what... uh... Let me tell you what my situation is...
I have this security guard...
and we find him deceased on the railroad tracks.
And so we're thinking maybe he tripped, or he fell.
But, the autopsy says he was struck by an object.
And... we also have a witness that says...
he saw somebody throw something over the bridge into the river.
We happen to have that object and it's a skateboard.
Now the funny thing is there's some DNA evidence on the skateboard,
that puts it at the scene of the crime.
Where did you go?
I... drove around, downtown a little to Subway and got something to eat.
OK, there's about a thousand and two Subways.
Which one did you go to?
By the waterfront.
OK, and the one... over in the, World Trade Center? That one?
OK. What'd you get?
Turkey and ham on... Italian herb and cheese bread, toasted...
tomato lettuce pickle olive mustard oil and vinegar...
Did you get mayo?
Gotta have mayo with that.
Mayo's sick.
Mayo's sick. What kind of bread was it?
Italian herb and cheese.
OK, you have a receipt in your pocket for that?
No, I don't keep... Subway receipts.
OK, how much did it cost then?
Like... six something, Subway's expensive.
Six-inch twelve-inch?
Six-inch, for six bucks,
so you must have got the meal, then, right?
No, I just got a drink.
OK, all right...
Large, Dr. Pepper.
Who'd you eat with?
Myself. I drove by myself, so...
OK... You know I gotta cut this short... um...
Let me give you my business card.
If you have anything to add... I want you to give me a call all right?

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