Firestarter (1984): Flashback Hurting Mom


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The clip flashback hurting mom from Firestarter (1984)

Now, let it out. Easy does it.
Let it go.
Attagirl. OK.
Now pull it back.
Pull it back, Charlie. Pull it back, Charlie.
Good Lord.
Now, you've got to learn to control that. You gotta try real hard. OK?
I couldn't help it.
Tomorrow. She's tired.
Time for bed. You can try again at breakfast.
I wanna do that again.
No, tomorrow.
I'm not tired. I wanna do it again.
I said no.
Again. Now!
I'm sorry, Mommy. I didn't mean it.
Well, you did it. You hurt your mother.
I'm sorry, Mommy.
It's all right. Mommy's all right.
Charlie, you have got to control this thing
because it's a bad thing, you understand me? A bad thing.
Leave her alone. It's not her fault.
Hung up again?
Whoever it is.
We know who they are and they wanna make sure we're staying right here.

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