Firestarter (1984): Explaining Experiment over Lunch


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The clip explaining experiment over lunch from Firestarter (1984)

More room out than there is in, button.
If I eat any more, I think I'll split. That's what my mom used to...
I mean that's what she always says.
Norma, why don't you and Bobby go out and feed those chickens?
I wanna have a little talk with Frank here.
Would you like that?
Do they peck?
Only what they eat, honey.
Come on.
OK. Goody.
Want a beer, Frank?
It isn't Frank, but I guess you know that.
I guess I did.
What is your name?
Well, Andy, what about that beer?
I guess I could use it.
You got it.
There you go.
Thank you.
Here, let me help.
No, that's all right. I know this routine.
Cops after you, Andy?
Sort of cops, yeah.
You snatch that little girl from her mother?
No, she's my daughter, but her mother didn't set the cops on us.
Her mother's been dead for a year.
Don't appear like you got her against her will.
What do they want you for, anyway, Andy?
Who are they?

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