Firestarter (1984): Going to Grandpa


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The clip going to grandpa from Firestarter (1984)

Where are we gonna go now?
We have to find some place to stay for a while.
I don't think anybody'll believe us but if we send letters to the newspapers
maybe The Shop will have to lay off.
We could go to Granther's.
What made you think of that?
I don't know.
Cos I was thinking about your grandfather not five minutes ago.
We'll check the motel. I want you to work the road further down.
Well... That's a pretty little miss.
What's your name, missy?
Well, Bobby, where are you headed for?
We're headed for Tennessee. Knoxville. My wife's there visiting her sister.
Ran into a little problem.
Did she?
Yeah, labour. This one's got a new baby brother. 1 .40 this morning.
His name's Andy. Isn't that a nice name?
I think it's a corker.
Mine's Irv Manders. Hop in. I'll get you ten miles closer to Knoxville.
Hey, Al, it's them.
You're joking?
No, damn it, it's them.
Did you get the number?
Did you see which way they went?
I didn't even see them check out.
Hey, we got them.

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