Taking Woodstock (2009): Organizing the Festival 2


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The clip organizing the festival 2 from Taking Woodstock (2009)

I understand your mother is preparing her specialty.
Cholent? Oh, no.
And the Ladies Auxiliary has made dessert.
We just have to make sure somebody rations them.
There's a lot of hungry kids out there.
Don, I just want to say, I have a feeling.
Feelings? Feelings are good.
Get over to the south field, find what-is-his-name,
and round up all those...
They don't really know where to put all the sunflower seeds.
How many sunflower seeds did they buy?
How many sunflower seeds can you get into the back of a triple-axle trailer truck?
I'm not sure. I'm sorry. We actually have another meeting...
Everybody's working hard for...
Yes. Very hard.
Hey, John. That's him.
That's the prick who told everyone that the concert's free.
Fuck the alfalfa...
Considering that we haven't managed to build a ticket booth yet,
can't really argue with him.
It's incredible. Knocking down the walls, and all kinds of stuff.
Well, we gotta make some space in here, but...
Doris? Doris, he doesn't... Doris?
He doesn't even know what a purchase order is.
I'm trying to help organize moving everybody
from here in the horseshoe up to the site.
Trucks, trailers, everything, gotta go.
Gonna miss this place.
Yeah, well, we'll keep some rooms here.
The one concern is the big towers for the speakers.
They're not staying up? No, they're good. Solid.
It's just that if there's rain, lightning, well, might get a little...
A little what?
Electrical. We're working on it.
Yeah, we don't wanna fry too much of the audience.
Yeah, that's a good point, Joel. Thank you, John.
Hey. It's August. It's not gonna rain.
Remember, okay? Rice, bananas,
anything that's gonna keep them from shitting.
Because I'm worried about our toilet numbers.

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