Taking Woodstock (2009): Earth Light Rehearsal


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The clip Earth Light rehearsal from Taking Woodstock (2009)

No, no, no, that's horrible.
Tonight's dinner will be roast turkey
and for dessert, an apple tart.
I killed it!
That clock was our mother's.
Your mother. Your mother.
Maybe I didn't break it. Maybe it only looks like I broke it.
Maybe we only think we exist, when really we don't.
Hi, Elliot.
Thank you, Elliot.
It hasn't been touched since my glory days
in the Midwood High School band.
How's the show shaping up? We're really getting into it.
Great. Hope you guys are prepared.
You're probably gonna outnumber the audience.
Only takes one extra soul to make it theater, man.
And theater is transformation.
But it's hard, concentrating.
Concentrating on?
We're just, I don't know, hungry.
Hungry? As in...
Yeah, as in hungry, you know.
For, like, foodstuffs.
You don't have any potatoes or sunflower seeds or anything?
I can barter some very special grass. No.
Me and grass, you don't want to know.
But let me see what I can steal from my mom

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