Taking Woodstock (2009): Kick out Intruders


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The clip kick out intruders from Taking Woodstock (2009)

Okay, okay. Good. Good, good, good.
$40. Ma.
Ma. Tisha says you're trying to charge extra for pillows and soap again.
We talked about this.
Don't accuse me!
I got nothing to sell anyway, not even toilet paper!
Which leads me to ask, where do you think all these people
you're renting space to are going to do their business?
You've got to stop, Ma. Enough with the money.
We just paid off the mortgage.
Think about it! Can't you just be happy?
What're you doing? What're you doing?
Hey! No! No!
No shtupping in the bushes! Ma, come on.
Come on.
Excuse me, when does the ticket office open?
Not yet! Soon!
Good morning. You must be the lovely wife and child.
What's up, Dad?
We were just telling your pops here
it looks like you guys are getting some nice business.
So, it looks like you can use some help.
He's talking nonsense, Elli.
Something about exclusive transportation and security for $10,000.
I get it. No, you don't get it. We get it.
You got live entertainment happening here, beverages, etcetera.
Yeah. We cover the hotels around the racetrack in Monticello. We cover you.
And what if I say you don't?
Charlie, what do we do if he says we don't?
You're trespassers. Get out, or I make you get out.
Is that so?
You hear this?
Enough with these bums!
Dad, what're you doing? Stop.
Hey, come on. Hey! No, stop!
Come on, get... Christ almighty!

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