Taking Woodstock (2009): Organizing the Festival


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The clip organizing the festival from Taking Woodstock (2009)

What's going on?
Your mother says we can triple our money.
Three times the rooms.
You're kidding me.
They don't seem to mind. Honest. These people, they like it.
I'm finished here, you start on the bunking.
I don't know. White Lake sounds better than Wallkill.
Don't ask me why they call it Woodstock.
Everyone's gonna drive to the fucking real Woodstock
and be really bummed when they get there.
DOT's letting us put signage up. Just not on the Thruway yet.
But we're working on it. We're gonna want to run lines
all the way back to the fence.
Can you trench here?
No, man. Everything, water pipes, juice,
all the cables gotta run aboveground.
I got the specs from Hanley, for the speakers.
That's a lot of juice.
When Hendrix lights up, there won't be a bird left in Sullivan County.
Hey, I spoke to Wavy Gravy and the Hog Farmers.
Wavy? Yeah.
His real name's Hugh. He's got 80 freaks, the Hog Farmers.
They've got a commune in the desert.
They drop more acid than Timothy Leary.
There's 80 of them coming in on a jumbo jet next week.
Hey, man, I can't find the keys to my room.
Ask my mom.
Hey, how's your room? Fine, man.
Trip tents? Yeah, where the kids can come down...
From the trip. Wait, wait. What have you got here?
No, no. Don't put it down there.
He and his people are willing to work with you on security.
You know, they really like your non-confrontational approach.
You know, they wanna call it a "Please Force. "
Not sure how Fabbri's going to like that moniker.
We're still going to need real police.
Hey, Mike, do you have a second?
I'm just feeling a little anxious.
Did Tisha tell you about these code violations?
Hey, Elliot. Just the man I wanted to see.
You know, I'm getting the feeling
that we're really going to be able to use
your community relations skills.
My what skills?
Because, Elli, the rumors are already swirling,
and we need to put a local face on the reality here.
And you, Elli, are a local face.
I'm a local face, yes, but about these violations.
There's not a hotel around for miles that could pass inspection.
Those inspector dudes? Don't worry about that, Elli.
Tisha told me all about those guys. Just give us the papers.
We've got some heavy lawyers. Right?
Heavy lawyers. Right.
Because right now, Elli, I need you to focus
on the positive message that we're sending.
You know, rapping with the local townspeople,

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