Taking Woodstock (2009): Buy out the Teichberg's Motel


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The clip buy out the Teichberg's motel from Taking Woodstock (2009)

You know, we're gonna need a place for people to crash
while we prepare the festival.
Your place looks pretty cool.
How many vacant rooms do you have for the next couple of weeks?
Well, it depends on how you define room.
You know, how many people can crash with you.
What do you guys charge?
Let's see. It's $8 a night, but that can be for doubles,
and we give a weekly discount, of course.
Plus the cabins, you can get cots, so four people,
about 150, I'd say.
You can get about 200 people. Hey, man, let's make it easy.
Why don't we just buy the El Monaco out for the season?
Just figure out the costs, write it down, and we'll take a look.
And if we don't use all the rooms,
you can rent out the free ones.
We need to keep some cleanup crews around afterwards.
And if you've got some bigger spaces,
for offices, that kind of thing.
We need to put in some phones and have some space to park vehicles.
You know where we're going?
There you go. That's the...
Looks like we can work with this, Elli. Cool.
You know, I was thinking, I've got that theater troupe in the barn.
A theater troupe in the barn?
Yeah, the Earthlight Players. It's okay if they stay, right?

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