Taking Woodstock (2009): Taste Chocolate Milk


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The clip taste chocolate milk from Taking Woodstock (2009)

Jake, they are leaving!
Elli, have you offered accommodation to everyone?
We may not have vacancy for everyone, as the season is...
Ma, they're not staying. Stay! Stay! Look.
My husband is bringing refreshments.
Here. Thank you, Mrs. Teichberg.
Here. Try some of this.
It is the best chocolate milk in New York. Made just down the road.
Have some water. Or some chocolate milk.
What's his name? Or her. Lou.
Wow. That is excellent chocolate milk.
Yeah, it comes from the local cows. Far out.
They eat local grass. That must be some healthy grass.
And there's a lot of it, in big fields,
just a couple of miles down the road from us.

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