Taking Woodstock (2009): Music Festival Plans


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The clip music festival plans from Taking Woodstock (2009)

Hey, Elliot. Dave.
The usual?
Extra bacon, please. You got it.
Hey, Elliot. Max.
I hear you've moved up here permanently.
Just helping Mom and Dad for the season.
Well, I hope you have another one of your festivals.
Miriam and I just love listening to your records out on that lawn.
Sure, Max. This year, I'm going to try to get a live quartet.
Looks like you're gonna have some competition.
What, there's a recall vote down at the Chamber of Commerce?
This says here that Wallkill's
gonna have a music festival, too.
Some hippie thing got thrown out of Woodstock
so they've set themselves up in Wallkill.
Wow, Janis Joplin.
Guess that beats playing a bunch of records on a lawn.
Then again, it'll probably turn into some kind of antiwar riot.
Let Wallkill have them.
Extra bacon.
You want your receipt?
Thanks, Dave.
See you later. See you tomorrow, Max.

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