Taking Woodstock (2009): Elliot's Dispute with His Parents


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The clip Elliot's dispute with his parents from Taking Woodstock (2009)

So I was thinking, when this is over...
What a mess.
It'll take months to clean up.
We can keep some of these new people on, right?
We can afford the help now.
And with the place paid off,
maybe it's time you thought about some permanent staff.
Some people to help run the place, make some improvements.
What are you talking about? That's why we have you.
I'm just saying. I was thinking when this is over, with all the money now,
I could take a trip. And where did you get those pajamas?
You're not going anywhere dressed like that.
We've made brownies. Wonderful brownies. Very special brownies. Elliot?
We'll take a pass.
You see, Jake? That's just like him.
He doesn't want dessert, but does he think to ask his mother?
You know what? That's enough.
You know, I'm the only one here, out of hundreds and hundreds

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