Taking Woodstock (2009): Town's Meeting


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The clip town's meeting from Taking Woodstock (2009) with Clark Middleton, Bette Henritze

Last meeting, we all said we'd each bring some new ideas to the table.
Well, okay.
We got a lot of dairy farms around here, right?
And a fair number of bulls.
Okay, you've all heard of the running
of the bulls in that town in Spain,
Pampoona. Pamplona.
Well, no one's doing one in the Catskills.
Seems to be a big draw over there.
It would be very amusing to see all those Jews
from Levitsky's summer colony,
you know, the ones with the black top hats and the curls,
running for their lives chased by our local livestock.
Wouldn't that be a wonderful sight!
We're writing it all down.
Any other ideas? What about the monorail?
Marge, you can't bring that up in every meeting.
I've written to the Governor,
but I think a letter from the entire Chamber of Commerce
would be much more effective.
A monorail linking downtown New York to White Lake
would be a tremendous spur to the local economy.
Jesus. Look, people, I said I would come back to these meetings
if you could stay out of cuckoo land, just once.
We have some serious local issues, serious business to do.
Such as?
For starters,
I need a permit for the town landing
for a fish-toss tournament next month.
I knew it. I knew it. You're just back here for your own purposes.
Now, come on, Marge. All right, let's see the application.
I got it here.
Yeah, that's all in order. $1.
Here you go.
And I've got my application for our annual
El Monaco summer music and art event,
which will also inaugurate the first season
of the tourist information kiosk.

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