Death Becomes Her (1992): Ernest Tries to Leave


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The clip ernest tries to leave from Death Becomes Her (1992) with Bruce Willis

Oh! It's amazing!
Not a blemish! Not a pore!
Oh! Say what you will about Ernest, but the man is a genius.
He is. He's a genius.
Wait. You've got a little thing.
Probably shouldn't have done that. Ha-ha!
I think it's still... wet.
Can Ernest fix this?
Yeah, I'll get him before he leaves.
But wait a minute.
What if this happens again?
What if it fades? Chips? What if it rains?
Will he come back for touch-ups?
Even if he does,
he's not gonna live forever.
That's not good.
What are we gonna do?
He'll have to take the potion.
We'll take him to Lisle's. She'll talk him into it.
He won't go to Lisle's. You heard him. He's made up his mind about leaving.
That's true. We have to respect that.
I know. We'll drug him.
Ern, darling.
My taxi here?
We thought you might like some breakfast.
You know, I was just thinking.
I was questioning myself. I was wondering why...
I didn't pack this thing five years ago,
six years ago, ten years ago, instead of sticking around here...
and suffering every indignity and humiliation.
I'll tell ya why. Because I made a promise...
and that meant everything to me.
Yes, it's all very noble to keep your word.
Ernest? Your drink?
Do you know what they call someone who sticks by their word no matter what?
At the cost of all else? Do you know?
An idiot. From now on I'm gonna be the kind of idiot I wanna be.
An idiot with a modicum of pride, because you know what?
I finally realized something. I've lived up to my promise.

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