Death Becomes Her (1992): 14 Years Later Part 2


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The clip 14 years later Part 2 from Death Becomes Her (1992) with Bruce Willis, Meryl Streep

that he got up early and made his side of the bed.
No, madam.
So where did he sleep?
The beaver has always been of interest to man.
It is the second largest rodent in the world.
Dr. Menville?
Is this an angel I see before me?
Dr. Menville, you're so cute.
Thank you, Rose.
More vodka.
An outstanding characteristic of a beaver...
is the large, flat tail.
Is it up yet?
Yes, sir.
It's in the bath.
Your beeper was beeping. It's Mr. Franklin again.
Rose! Oh, it's you.
Fine, dear, thank you. Like a rock.
You're dressed. Special occasion?
Dr. Menville, thank God.

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