Death Becomes Her (1992): Plasma Separation


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The clip plasma separation from Death Becomes Her (1992) with Michelle Johnson, Meryl Streep

I'm sorry to call at the last minute.
He's completely prepped. Our top staff have been summoned and are waiting.
Good, I'm sure he'll be fine. Just calm down.
Calm? I am calm. Everyone is calm here.
Who is it?
Fernando Rivas, the actor.
He drowned in his hot tub. Very bloated, very swollen.
He was making love to his new fiancee.
Eighteen years old, from Cuba.
He's got this expression of happiness that is completely inappropriate.
Thank you, Mr. Franklin, we'll see if we can't give him a little character,
a little depth.
Oh, no, Dr. Menville, you can't give him any character or depth.
People have to recognize him.
Good afternoon, Miss Ashton.
3:00 with Anna.
Yes, I know. You may go down.
Miss Ashton, how are you? So good to see you!
Listen, I've got a really important party tonight.
Really important. You understand?
You will be the best one!
I have to be better than that.
I am sorry, but the plasma separation...
is a very traumatic process to the body!
Our policy clearly prohibits...
more than one in a six-month period.
So? It's been nearly that long already.
Miss Ashton, you had one three weeks ago.
How about a nice collagen buff?
"A collagen buff"?
You might as well ask me to wash with soap and water!
Tonight is very important to me.
I could do your makeup myself.
Makeup is pointless!
It does nothing anymore.
Are you listening to me? Do you even care?

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