The Longshots (2008): Lose Super Bowl


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The clip lose super bowl from The Longshots (2008)

This'll take a miraculous comeback.
We're going to find out
just how good a quarterback Jasmine Plummer really is.
Blue 32! Blue 32!
Hut, hut!
Back to pass
Go, go, go, go, go! Go, boy! Go! Go! Go!
Yeah, baby! First down! First down!
And a first down!
Hustle up. Hustle up.
Ball at the 25 yard line.
Big Apple on two. Let's go.
Orange is for losers!
Browns line up. Double back set.
And in motion.
Blue 31! Blue 31!
Hut, hut!
The snap. Plummer back to pass.
Hand-off to number 22!
He's at the 20, the 15...
Go! Go! Go!
... ten, five... Touchdown, Browns!
The old Statue of Liberty play!
Come on. We got to bring the kitchen sink on this.
This brings up fourth and 12. The Browns will need a good return here.
There's the snap. Punter sets.
Javy Hall beats his man on the left side.
He blocks the kick!
He blocked the kick! Eight seconds to go, no timeouts!
Chance for one more play!
The clock has stopped while Browns offense takes the field.
Gator X, goal line. Gator X, goal line.
First and goal to go, no timeouts for the Browns.
Ball on the Eagle ten-yard line.
Come on! Quick! Come on! Come on!
Watch the weak side!
All right, this is it. This is it.
Hut, hut!
There's the snap.
Plummer back to pass. The blitz is on!

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