The Longshots (2008): Victory Dance


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The clip victory dance from The Longshots (2008) with Ice Cube

for scoring an amazing touchdown this Saturday.
Now, my favorite part is when my man gets in the end zone,
he do the dance.
Man, you got to celebrate all that hard work.
Let me see that dance, Feathers. I want everybody to step in
and do that little dance. See what you got.
Oh, my God!
What you got, pretty boy? What you got?
Thriller? Was you even alive when that came out?
What you got? Come on, long hair.
Always a breakdancer.
You gotta work on that. Do ya'll wanna see what I used to do on this field
when I scored?
Come on, show us, coach.
When I got in the end zone, I had to go old school.
Old school.
Jasmine, you be the ref.
I used to clown the ref.
When I scored, when I got in the end zone, I used to look at the ref,
and then I used to hand him the ball.
Act like I've been there before.
And that's what we gonna do on this team. We act like we been there before.
We gonna have some class, we gonna have some sportsmanship.

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