The Longshots (2008): Throw Ball


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The clip throw ball from The Longshots (2008)

Jasmine! Jasmine!
Know what? I'm gonna meet you down the block next time.
I ain't going nowhere near that school.
I didn't tell you to come in the first place.
You're using them big words, trying to make yourself sound important.
Mr. Entrepreneur. How come you couldn't just say you were unemployed?
Why you didn't tell 'em?
I don't think my mom'd be cool with me hanging out here.
I know she not gonna want you here. That's why you ain't gonna tell her.
Curtis! Throw the ball here, boy!
Do you mind if I throw the ball with the reverend a little bit?
Knock yourself out.
So when am I gonna see you back in church, boy?
I don't know, reverend. I've been kinda preoccupied lately.
Preoccupied since your mama died.
It's been two years, Curtis.
It is time to move on, son.
Hey. Go long, brotha.
All right. Hit me.
Hit me, hit...
Hey, girl.
Jasmine, pick up that ball.

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