The Longshots (2008): Find Book


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The clip find book from The Longshots (2008)

So how have things with Curtis and Jas been going?
Everything seems OK. I think they just sit around and read books.
Man! I can't believe you live in this place. It's so messy.
Is that my book? Man, I been lookin' all over for this thing.
What's it doin' here?
Have you been reading this?
I saw how much you was into it, so I just gave it a shot.
It's good. I like it.
It's a good book.
Well, I read it two times. You can have it.
Is this your yearbook?
Don't laugh.
Is this you? Man, you look so funny.
That's me, and then that's your daddy.
All right, let's just close that.
I'll show you later.
I should be getting you home.
No! No, you don't throw the ball!

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