The Longshots (2008): Walk Home


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The clip walk home from The Longshots (2008)

So, what you gonna want to eat? Hmm?
For dinner? What you like?
Grilled cheese sandwiches? Huh?
What, you still not talking to me?
Why do you want to talk to me? I'm too weird and moody.
You know I didn't mean that.
All right, I don't think you're weird.
I said I'm sorry.
All right, fine, we ain't gotta talk.
Why you carry that stupid football around all the time?
I don't carry this all the time.
Yeah, you do.
So... you're a grown man carrying around a football.
Don't you think that's weird?
Not really.
And you stink, too. Always wearing those same old dirty clothes.
Don't you know how to do laundry? You should be embarrassed.
I'm embarrassed to even be with you.
You know what? Five dollars a hour ain't worth dealing with a attitude like that!
Then don't. It's not like I want you around anyway.
It's not like I want to be around!
Don't be! I don't need you!
Apparently, you do need me. That's what your mama think.
Now I'm stuck with you! That's 'cause your father didn't want to be.
Man... Sorry! God!
Hey, Jasmine, I didn't mean it like that!
Hey, slow down!

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