The Longshots (2008): Pay


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The clip pay from The Longshots (2008)

So how did it go?
All right.
So where's Jas?
I don't know.
Hey, Mom.
Hey! So, did you have fun with your Uncle Curtis?
Tons. What's for dinner?
You didn't eat yet?
You didn't feed her?
You told me to watch her. You didn't say nothing about feeding her.
That's because I thought you had common sense.
Get somebody with some common sense, all right?
'Cause I ain't got enough to deal with that little girl. OK?
Get somebody else 'cause, to be honest, she too weird and moody for me.
Curtis, she's not weird. She's shy.
She's still waiting on her no-good daddy to show up.
She's wearing his watch 24 hours a day.
It wouldn't hurt you if you would just be a little encouraging to her.
I ain't got no encouragement. None!
Go get Dr. Phil or the Dog Whisperer or somebody.
Not Curtis Plummer.
Can you finish out the week?
Can I at least get paid?
You owe me 25 dollars.
Can you at least feed her the next time?

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