K-PAX (2001): Hypnosis Part 2


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The clip hypnosis Part 2 from K-PAX (2001) with Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges

Prot, when... It's, uh,
according to Your Earth calendar.
And your friend Pete called you?
Not for anything in particular.
He just... sometimes wants to talk things over...
with someone every now and then.
Tell me about Pete now.
He's a knocker. A "knocker"?
A knocker is the guy that knocks the cow inside of the head...
so it won't struggle while they slit its throat.
I know. It's barbaric, isn't it?
Does he still live in the same town?
Oh, just outside of town.
He's got a little place, but he's fixed it up nice.
It's got some... trees and a couple of acres...
and a river.
It reminds me of K-PAX, except for the river.
Tell me, did he ever marry that pregnant girl?

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