K-PAX (2001): Hypnosis


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The clip hypnosis from K-PAX (2001) with Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey

Now, I want you to go back in time again,
but not so far back as last time.
Is your friend there?
Is he with you now?
What's his name? I'm not tellin'.
Prot, I would like to know your friend's name.
Well, I ain't gonna tell ya.
Well, we have to call him something.
How about Pete?
Well, that's not his name, but whatever thrills you.
What year is it? It's 1985.
How old are you? One hundred and seventy-five.
How old is Pete? Seventeen.
Tell me about Pete.
What happened?
Is there a problem?
Is that why he called you?
He's got a girlfriend.
And the problem is with the girlfriend? She's pregnant.
He can see it all coming right down the road. You get married,
have a bunch of kids, wind up in the same job that killed your dad.
He blames her for this? Oh, no, no, no.
He doesn't blame her. No, he just...
He... How did he put it?
He hates the chains that people shackle themselves with.
I mean, we don't have all that crap on K-PAX.
All right, Prot. I want you to listen to me carefully.
I want to move forward in time again.
Oh, say, two weeks.
If you would like to open your eyes or move around, you may.
Would you like to? I know that.

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