K-PAX (2001): Essay Contest


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The clip essay contest from K-PAX (2001) with Saul Williams, David Patrick Kelly

Shall I bring the crystal or leave it here?
I suppose I won't really need it on K-PAX.
I don't even know what they drink.
Dream on, sister. He can only take one of us with him.
Why the hell would he take a stinker like you? He's taking me.
How dare you! I do not stink.
Nah, forget it, ho. I'm the one goin'.
Yeah? Which one of you?
Okay. Who would like to begin?
Ernie. Uh, I-I was... I was wondering if it was possible...
for us to have Cream of Wheat instead of oatmeal.
Not again. Howie.
I have a suggestion, because there's really, really not much time.
I would like to propose an essay contest...
to decide once and for all who will go with Prot.
I've spoken with him, and he's agreed to read them all by July 27.
So if anyone would like to be considered,
please state your reasons in a clear, legible hand...
and return them to me.
Would I get to take my bible to K-PAX?
Of course you would.
We can finish the essays later.

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