K-PAX (2001): Planetarium


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The clip planetarium from K-PAX (2001) with Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey

So, this is your neighbourhood, huh?
Hello, gentlemen. Sure appreciate you meeting with us.
Thank you, Dr. Powell.
We'd like to get to the bottom of this just as much as you.
Thank you, Doctor. Great. Let me introduce you to Prot.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Prot. I'm Dr. Becker.
This is Dr. Flynn.
Drs. Patel and Hessler.
Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. Doctor.
How many doctors are there on this planet?
Here, Prot. Have a seat.
"Have a seat. " Oh, shit!
Feel at home?
We found your notes quite interesting, Prot,
and we'd like to ask you some questions, if that's all right.

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