K-PAX (2001): in the Garden


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The clip in the garden from K-PAX (2001) with Kevin Spacey, Saul Williams

That's it. Now you see?
There are none of these ammonia particles that you're so worried about.
In the first place, I would be able to see them. Good morning, Sal.
And I don't. Good morning, Dr. Stinky.
Ringed monkey, 7:00.
Take a bath. Take a bath.
Ernie, could you excuse us for a moment, please? Mm-hmm.
Good to, uh, see you outside, Ernie.
Thank you. Oh, Ernie, you stink.
Prot, it's one thing to take an interest in your fellow patients.
It's quite another to make them think that you can cure them.
You seem overly upset, Mark.
To borrow a phrase from Navarro, You need to chill.
For your information,
all beings have the capacity to cure themselves, Mark.
This is something we've known on K-PAX for millions of years.
Listen to me. On this planet, I'm a doctor, you're a patient.
Doctor. Patient. Curious human distinction.
It's not your job to cure Howie.
Or Ernie or Maria or anyone else. It's mine.
Then why haven't you cured them yet?
Oh, by the way, here are the answers to the questions you asked me.
I hope they meet your satisfaction.

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