K-PAX (2001): First Session


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The clip first session from K-PAX (2001) with Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges

He's here, Doctor.
Thank you, Joyce.
Medical record 2-8-7. Calls himself Prot.
This one's as gentle as a pussycat, Doc.
Come in. Have a seat.
"Have a seat". Curious expression.
Well, let me introduce myself. I'm...
Dr. Mark Powell, Chief of Clinical Psychiatry...
of the Manhattan Psychiatric Institute.
Good. You know where you are.
Well, now, uh... Prot, is it?
"Prote". I see, "Prote".
Well, Prot, we're here to... May I?
Red delicious. You call this variety.
It's my favorite.
I'd like to begin by asking you...
if you know why you're here.
Of course. You think I'm crazy.
We prefer the term "ill". Do you think you are ill?
A little homesick, perhaps.
Really. Where is home?
Capital "K", hyphen, capitals "P-A-X".
PAX is a planet.
But don't worry, I'm not going to leap out of your chest.
I'm not worried.
It's just that I'm only familiar with nine planets.
Well, actually, there are ten, but that doesn't matter.
I'm not from your solar system.
PAX is about 1,000 of your light-years away from here...
in what you would call Your constellation Lyra.
That's quite a ways.
I'm curious. How did you get to Earth?
It's a matter of harnessing the energy of light.
I know that sounds crazy to you.
You beings are eons away from discovering light travel.

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