Fool's Gold (2008): Leaving the Dinner Table


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The clip Leaving the dinner table from Fool's Gold (2008)

Here's to a wonderfully exciting first day...
...and to the safe landing of our glorious leader.
Hear, says I. Hear, hear, Nigel. You the man.
No, he meant you, stupid.
No, Finn, honey, Finn.
There's port in the salon if anyone's interested...
...and a wonderful selection of cigars...
...if anyone feels like ruining the evening for the rest of us...
...and cupcakes.
Are there any prostitutes?
Sorry. No.
Well, maybe we can call some.
Oh. My God, are you serious?
Pay him no attention, Gemma, he's a provocateur.
Okay, but we're not in France right now, we're in America.
Think I'm gonna head to bed.
That's it for me tonight.
A coincidence that we got up together, and we're both going to bed...
...because we're not going to bed together.
Well, it's really none of our business.
Or even interesting.
What she's trying to say...
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
Nigel, great day. Gemma, sweet dreams.
Good night, sir.
Good night, Tess.

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