Fool's Gold (2008): Finn Negotiates with Bunny


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The clip Finn negotiates with Bunny from Fool's Gold (2008)

Ain't no fool like a gold fool.
Ain't that right, Mr. Finnegan?
Who's the new guy?
This here is Cyrus. He's my new, uh, chief of staff.
He's helping me to refocus, reform, and renew.
What do you need him for, huh? We handling it.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa!
God, jeez. What's the...?
Why'd you do that?
Just a little restructure.
See, you let this boy get past you not just once, but twice.
So I hope you focused now.
Oh, extremely focused. Very motivated.
My morale probably 20 percent higher than when I came in here.
Can I get a word in?
What? What do you want?
I wanna buy some time.
You still breathing, ain't you?
Yeah, thank you.
Now, hear me out.
All right, the way I see it, you bet on Moe, you got a fifty-fifty chance...
...but you bet on the both of us, and we cover twice the ground in half the time...
...and I'm willing to give you 10 percent of everything I find.
Plus what I already owe you, of course.
How much you say?
Ten percent, across-the-board.
Ten percent, huh?

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