Fool's Gold (2008): Finn's Job History


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The clip Finn's job history from Fool's Gold (2008)

So Tess and I first hooked up when we worked for this cat named Moe Fitch.
He's kind of a local character, you know, big talker, lot of tall tales...
...a lovable, old sea dog.
You should live to be so eccentric.
Thank you, babe.
I do wish you would sit down.
Moe Fitch is the most respected and successful treasure salvor in the world.
Nobody said he wasn't.
When Finn met Moe...
...he was repairing outboards and lawn mowers...
...during the brief intervals he wasn't getting fired.
Two times, Tess. I got fired two times.
I'll be off in one second.
Moe picked him out of a puddle of motor oil and suntan lotion...
...gave him a job, a vocation, taught him everything he knows.
Anyway, then they had a tremendous falling-out over this cannon we found...
On our day off.
From the Aurelia, three miles east of Vero Beach.
Which the court ruled was Moe's, because we borrowed his equipment.
The sea is all attached, right?
To what, darling?
Kerry and Vivante grabbed a plane for the Yucat�n...
...and I thought we could hook up with them...
...instead of just sailing around doing nothing.

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