Fool's Gold (2008): Who Are the Vangors?


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The clip Who are the Vangors? from Fool's Gold (2008)

Well, Mr. Deenz, I'm always delighted to welcome an entrant into my field...
...whether it be on land or sea.
But I feel I need to warn you.
There's no way of getting away from treasure...
...once it's fastened itself on your mind.
I want you to find me the Queen's Dowry.
Well, now, Bunny, uh...
Bigg Bunny. It's one word.
Well, that's an emerald of a different color, isn't it?
This is a piece of the plate that we found in the Bahamas... of Topsail Cay. Now, if you turn it over... may notice that it has the Vangor family crest stamped on it.
That's what that is right there.
That's very nice, uh...
...but who the hell are the Vangors...
...and why the hell should I give a rat's ass about their family crest?

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