Fool's Gold (2008): Waiting for Nigel's Daughter


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The clip Waiting for Nigel's daughter from Fool's Gold (2008)

And just to let you know, I'm back onboard, obviously.
So whenever you want to weigh anchor is great.
Thank you.
So should I tell the captain?
Ready to weigh anchor? Ready to push off?
Actually, no.
My daughter, Gemma, is joining us today...
...and I said I would wait here for her.
Oh, great. God.
When is she coming? Where is she coming from?
How far away is she? How great.
I sent the chopper to Miami...
...but she could be anywhere.
That's so funny that you would wait in Key West for her...
...when she's coming by chopper.
Is it?
Well, just because the helicopter...
...could just meet the boat anywhere.
I mean, anywhere at all, that's what's so incredibly great about helicopters.
She wants to do some shopping.

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