Schindler's List (1993): Schindler Charms


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The clip Schindler Charms from Schindler's List (1993) with Liam Neeson

From the gentleman.
Do you know him?
Find out who he is.
Yes, sir!
Agnieszka, I would give anything to hear you sing tonight...
...but I know you won't.
You embarrass me.
What's he doing?
Stay here.
How are you doing?
You'd leave a woman alone at the table in a place like this?
Sweetheart, you're the picture of loneliness.
What a lovely fragrance. You are breaking my heart.
An extra chair, please. Vodka for my friend.
And for the lady?
"There's a wood sale in Green Forest... "
"... a wood sale!"
"Wood is being sold in the Green Forest. "
Come to the table, girls! Drink with us!
"Left around the corner, right around the corner... "
"... there is wood sale everywhere. "
Come to us! Merry us!
"The whole trunk costs only one taler. one taler. "
"The whole trunk costs only one taler, one taler. "
Thank you.
I'll tell you what I mean by cooperative.
Two days after the law is passed that all Jews have to wear the star...

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