Schindler's List (1993): Business Trouble


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This is Itzhak Stern, my accountant.
You must be Mrs. Schindler.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Emilie has volunteered to work in the clinic.
Very generous of you.
I know.
We need to talk when you have a moment.
This is my wife, Stern. I don't keep any secrets from my spouse.
Oskar, please, attend to business. It's much more attractive.
What is it?
We've received an angry complaint from the Armaments Board.
The artillery shells, tank shells, rocket casings!
Apparently all of them have failed quality control tests.
That's to be expected!
Start-up problems. This isn't pots and pans. This is a precise business.
I'll write them a letter.
They're withholding payment.
Sure, so would I, so would you. I wouldn't worry. We'll get it right one of these days.
There's a rumour you've been going around miscalibrating the machines.
They could shut us down, send us back to Auschwitz.
I'll call around, find out where we can buy shells.
Pass them off as ours.
I don't see the difference...
...whether they're made here or somewhere else.
You don't see a difference? I see a difference.
You'll lose a lot of money.
Fewer shells will be made. Stern, if this factory ever produces...
...a shell that can actually be fired, I'll be very unhappy.
Hello, madam.
How do you do?

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