Schindler's List (1993): Business Negotiations


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The clip Business Negotiations from Schindler's List (1993) with Ben Kingsley, Liam Neeson

He's a very important man.
Just give him two minutes of your time.
Since when did time cost money? Just sit down and listen...
...please! Sir?
For each thousand you invest, I will repay you with...
Two hundred.
... 200 kilos of enamelware a month... begin in July and to continue for one year.
After which time, we're even. That's it. It's very simple.
Not good enough.
It's not good enough!
Not good enough?
Look where you're living. Look where you've been put. "Not good enough! "
A couple of months ago you'd be right, not anymore.
Money's still money.
No, it is not! That's why we are here.
Trade goods...
...that's the only currency that'll be worth anything in the ghetto.
Things have changed, my friend.
Did I call this meeting?
You told Mr Stern you wanted to speak to me.
I'm here. I've made you a fair offer.
Fair would be a percentage in the company.
Forget the whole thing. Get out!
How do we know that you will do what you say?
Because I said I would.
You want a contract? To be upheld by what court?
I said what I'll do. That's our contract.

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