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The clip raw food vegan restaurant from Baby Mama (2008)

Hello, folks, my name is Chet. I'm your waiter.
Are you folks familiar with the raw food vegan movement?
Yeah. I think he is, more than I am.
Yeah, yeah.
Okay, should we start with some appetizers?
Yeah. How's the sea kelp pizza?
That's got a nice earthy taste, little bit of a dirt taste.
It's very nice.
Salty. We'll stay away from that.
You know what looks good is the blue algae?
You wanna just... Yes, yes.
Excellent. Be right back.
So what kind of law did you practice?
Corporate. You know when you're watching the news, and you see some bloated CEO involved in a scandal, and you kind of wonder to yourself,
"How is this prick not going straight to jail?"
Sometimes it was because of me.
You must be very proud.
All right, here's your blue-green algae and a yeast bowl for the table.
Thank you. Thanks.
This looks good.
Oh, it's warm. Yeah.
What about you? You like your work?
I do, but I mean,
I have other things in my life besides my job.
I like to travel for work.
Oh, that's a...
That's a good yeast.
Very yeasty.
How long have you been vegan?
I'm not.
I'm sorry. I'm not, I thought that you were, and that's why I took you here.
Because of where you work, I never would have... Oh, God.
Can we... Yeah, you want to... I eat meat.
Yeah, I eat meat like nobody's business.

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