Baby Mama (2008): Embarecing Her Self


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The clip embarecing her self from Baby Mama (2008) with Will Forte

Hi, Scott.
Kate, my gosh, you look great! What are you doing here?
I'm just clubbing.
You remember my wife, Jean?
Oh, yeah.
Hi, Jean, how are you?
How's everything?
It's great. We just bought a house in Bucks County.
I'm still doing stuff for Doctors Without Borders.
Recently, we took in some Hurricane Katrina dogs.
And I was in a bicycle accident that made my penis bigger.
How are you?
I'm doing awesome.
I've just been working a lot, and I cannot have babies, it turns out.
So, good job picking this one.
What it is, actually, is my uterus is T-shaped, which is like...
So, but actually, funny story. See that...
Okay, see that little blonde woman, over here?
I am paying her to have... Hi. Stop talking now.
Bye, Jean.

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