Baby Mama (2008): Trashing the Car


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The clip trashing the car from Baby Mama (2008) with Amy Poehler, Tina Fey

Why does he make me so crazy?
Forget about him. He dumped you. He's an asshole.
No, he's a good person.
No, you're a good person.
You don't need another good person around you. That's your thing.
He's trying to take that from you!
He wanted to marry me, and I wanted to focus on work.
Of course you did!
Because working is awesome and being married sucks!
That's his car.
What, this right here? Yes.
Silver Infiniti, Penn State sticker, baseball mitt in the backseat...
This is Scott. You know what we should do?
I was gonna say leave a funny note!

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