Baby Mama (2008): Driving to Ultrasound


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The clip driving to ultrasound from Baby Mama (2008)

I've got a surprise for you.
I got a surprise for you, too.
It is a brochure for the Philadelphia School of Textiles.
They've got a great fashion program.
But that's not the whole surprise. Open it.
I'm giving you your check early.
No, Kate. I can't take that. You gotta put that through the agency.
No, it's not gonna bounce. Don't you trust me?
Where are we going?
You have an ultrasound appointment.
What? No. Today's Thursday.
Ultrasound isn't Thursday. Birthing class is Thursday.
Usually, but you're 18 weeks, and so you have another ultrasound.
I can't wait.
I hope the baby's in a good position, so we can see its little profile, because I'd really like to get one of those printouts to hang over my desk.
Do you think it could look like me yet?
Could the baby look like you at 18 weeks?
What if it has little tiny glasses?
I'm joking. That's me trying to make a joke.

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