Baby Mama (2008): Wierd Vibes


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The clip wierd vibes from Baby Mama (2008)

Think I went to a rave here once.
Please, I asked you to wait in the car.
It's too hot in there, and your weirdo air conditioning, I don't know how to work it.
Barry, I'm sorry. Kate, where you been?
I'm having second thoughts about this location.
Is it the taxes?
It's probably because this place gives you a weird vibe, right?
Yes. That one.
I'm not getting good vibes here.
And if there's one thing Oprah taught me, it's to trust my instincts and follow my fear.
Is that the episode where she got her ears pierced?
No, this was at her home in Maui. Who are you?
I'm Angie.
She works for me.
She's very intuitive.
I read people's energies.
You read energies? Yeah.
Good. Very good.
How's the energy in this site?
Green, mostly.
Like healthy leaves.
I like your maid.
So do I.
Let me put my hands into your hands, and I'll whisper to you the secret of success.
So, are we back on?
We were never off.
What did he say?
The secret of success.
He said "Have a big penis."
No, he didn't. Yeah, he did.

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