Baby Mama (2008): T-shaped Uterus


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The clip T-shaped uterus from Baby Mama (2008) with John Hodgman, Tina Fey

I just don't like your uterus.
Don't get me wrong.
Your eggs are in great shape, but you have a T-shaped uterus.
That combined with your advanced maternal age, it's preventing proper implantation.
Why do I have this T-shaped uterus?
Well, probably has something to do with medication that was given to your mother when she was pregnant with you.
We used lot of drugs back in the '70s which we now know can cause infertility.
Yeah. I would say that your chances of conceiving are very low.
How low?
Well, I don't want to assign a number to it.
What would you assign it? A color, a nickname, a locker?
One in a million.
I just don't like...
Don't say that again.

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