Baby Mama (2008): Liver Spots


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The clip liver spots from Baby Mama (2008)

Come to think of it,
I did take something for liver spots when I was pregnant with you, but I really don't see how that could cause any problems for your uterus.
It was just a different time. They didn't warn people about side effects.
They warned me.
I think I might even have signed something.
Kate, I was 30 years old. I was starting to get liver spots. Liver spots!
I just hope you put this baby mania to rest.
It's not mania.
How many times have you tried now?
Three? Nine.
The last two were in vitro.
Have you considered adoption?
I have applied for an adoption, yes.
Kate, please don't get a black baby.
Well, I don't think we'll have to worry about that, because for a single woman, it can take about five years to get an adoption.
I've just had it with all these movie stars showing off.
"Look at me and my black baby."
Kill me. I want you to stab me with something.
You know, Kate, not everyone is as tolerant of your alternative lifestyle as we are.
Being single is not an alternative lifestyle.
It is when you're 37.

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