Baby Mama (2008): the Past


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The clip the past from Baby Mama (2008)

So, are you pissed that no one ever married you?
Well, I almost got married once to a guy named Scott.
We were together for six and a half years.
Damn, just shy of common-law.
Yeah, actually. He was the only guy I ever lived with.
So now he has three kids, beautiful kids, with another woman, an old co-worker of mine, actually.
That sucks.
You know what? Don't worry about it,
'cause you're super-successful, and you have sweet-ass legs.
Thank you, I think.
I had one good boyfriend before Carl.
Donny Landis.
We used to work at Blimpie together when we were 16, and sit and eat pickles in the back.
He waited a whole month before he touched my boobs.
Then he went to the University of Scranton, and I never heard from him again.
He was my Justin Timberlake.
Angie, you can still have a totally different life.
You're a very smart person.

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