Serenity (2005): Back on the Ship


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The clip back on the ship from Serenity (2005) with Alan Tudyk, Gina Torres

River? I swallowed a bug.
Are you okay? Is he okay?
We all here? What's going on?
No casualties.
Anybody following? Nice flying, baby.
That's a negative. Clean getaway.
Set course for Beaumonde. First thing, I want this body...
You son of a whore. I'm a hair's breadth...
from riddling you with holes, Doctor.
One simple job! She'll be fine! She is fine!
Except for being still crazy, she's a picture of health!
Wasn't for River, we'd probably be left there. She felt them coming.
Never again. You understand me?
Seems I remember a talk about you giving orders on my boat.
Well, we're off your boat.
Just as soon as River gets her share of the bounty.
Let's not do anything hasty... No, shiny!
We'll be on Beaumonde in 10 hours' time...
you can pick up your earnings and be on your merry.
Meantime, you do your job.
Patch up my crew.
He didn't lie down.
They never lie down.

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