Serenity (2005): Talking Business


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The clip talking business from Serenity (2005) with Nathan Fillion, Yan Feldman

Domestic troubles?
Domestic troubles?
'Cause we don't wanna interrupt.
A man should keep his house in order.
Fanty. Mingo.
He's Mingo. He's Fanty. You're Mingo.
How is it you always know? Fanty's prettier.
Feel to do some business?
Quite a crew you've got.
Yeah, they're a fine bunch of reubens.
How you keep them on that crap boat, is the subject...
of much musing between me and Fanty.
We go on and on. So I'm noticing.
Is there a problem we don't know of?
You got a sweet take kissing your foot.
How's about you take your 25%, we can talk about the next job?
Well, our end is 40, precious.
My muscular buttocks it's 40. It is...
as of now.
Find anyone around going cheaper...
Find anyone around going near...
a sorry lot like you in the first instance.
You're unpredictable, Mal.
You run when you ought to fight.
Fight when you ought to deal.
Makes a businessperson a little twitchy.

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