Serenity (2005): Reavers Arrive


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The clip reavers arrive from Serenity (2005) with Summer Glau, Nathan Fillion

I'm telling you I heard it. Repeater.
Did sound somewhat like gun blast. Maybe you ought run tell Lawman.
What the hell is up? You all right?
What's going on?
The leg is good. It'll bleed plenty and we avoid any necessary organs.
I was thinking more of a graze.
No, you don't want it to look like you gave up.
No, I get that.
Every heist, he's got to start yelling my name.
Mal! Reavers!
The girl's pitching a fit. They're here or they're coming soon.
Get on the Mule.
Does that lock from the inside? Yes.
Get everyone upstairs. You get them down here and you seal it.
As long as you got air you don't open up, you understand?
Get them inside the vault!
You see them? Zoe, take the wheel!
Anybody see them?
Take me with you!
Get back in the vault with the others.
I can't stay here! Please! It's too many. Move ahead.

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